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Web Application Development Services

Creating powerful web applications capable of heavy lifting

Today's Internet uses structured framework programming, coding guidelines and standards and best programming practices.

As the internet changes and continues to evolve, new wiser programming styles to accomodate the world's growing technological needs, Today's Internet constantly is always ahead of the class in the latest trends in development, always ready to meet the new challenges of today.

Today's Internet Advantages

  • Experienced, Talented Development teams
  • Structured Framework
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC)
  • Industry Programming Standards
  • Knowledges of industry leading platforms and their APIs
  • Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile optimization
  • Beautiful Code, Well Notated Code
  • GIT Code Repositories With Version Control
  • Intuitive Interfaces
  • Excellent Testing Standards

Our Programming Standards

  • Keep our code clean code, while creating APIs to maintain code and versions
  • Multi programmer environments for every project
  • Modular development standards that keeps your code in building blocks that can be added or subtracted
  • We keep core developers of every project together to prevent expensive project retraining.
  • Today's Internet Structured Framework

    Programming logic and actions are isolated from interface / layout files (HTML, CSS), making it easy for Today's Internet Design Team or any designer without programming experience to be able to edit the interface and make design changes without help from programmers.

    Programming builds are based on the module, libraries, and tools, allowing Today's Internet Development Team or any programmer to easily share libraries and implement complex functionality and features in a fast and efficient manner. The structure that Today's Internet uses helps produce best practice coding with consistent logic and programming standards, and provides other developers the ability to become familiar with the code in a short time.

    Web Application Frameworks

    Today's Internet has built its own framework, based on comprehensive research of the most advanced frameworks. The Today's Internet Framework uses the best, most advanced architecture for versatility and future growth; object-oriented best practices; simplicity and a comprehensive code base.

    Today's Internet also works with its clients to select an appropriate programming framework based on each client's requirements.

    Below are a list of some of the web application frameworks that Today's Internet specializes in:

    • CodeIgniter PHP Framework
    • Laravel PHP Framework
    • Phalcon PHP Framework
    • Symfony PHP Framework
    • Django Python Framework
    • Yii PHP Framework
    • Zend PHP Framework

    JavaScript Frameworks

    Today's Internet is specialized in the following JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks:

    • jQuery
    • Dojo Toolkit
    • MooTools
    • Ext JS
    • Backbone.js
    • AngularJS
    • Google Web Toolkit
    • Google Closure Library
    • Socket.IO
    • Underscore.js
    • D3.js
    • Node.js

    Core Programming Languages

    Today's Internet is specialized in the following programming languages and works with its clients to select a programming language that is well suited to each client's needs:

    • PHP
    • JavaScript
    • Python
    • Java
    • Objective-C
    • C#
    • C
    • Ruby

    Common Industries And App Types We Work With:

    • Games
    • eCommerce
    • Social Networking
    • Online Reservations
    • Educational Web Applications
    • Online Training and Courses
    • Project Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Blogs and Forums
    • Communications
    • Non-profit Donations
    • HR
    • CMS

    QA Testing

    Quality Assurance Testing is a part of Today's Internet development process. Today's Internet builds sites for success and develops to allow for scalability and future growth. Advanced applications require greater server resources — Today's Internet builds automated test cases to simulate thousands or millions of users, to ensure that your site can handle the traffic.

    Quality Assurance Testing

    An important part of development is testing every possible interaction with the application. Today's Internet skilled QA team thoroughly tests all features before they are deployed to the public. Today's Internet isn't satisfied until the highest level of quality is attained.

    Web Site/Server Scalability On Industry Leading Clouds

    Today's Internet is always ahead of the curve, with our web hosting environments. As cloud computing evolved on the internet, so did we; developing and hosting websites and web applications on the industry leading Amazon (AWS) Cloud and recently adding Google's Compute Engine our latest offerings, along with smaller, but popular cloud providers Rackspace and Digital Ocean.