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About Today's Internet

We're in the business of developing great ideas.

Founded in 2004 by Michael Falciglia, Today’s Internet started as a website development and consulting firm that focused on developing websites using the newest technologies available and providing top-notch website management solutions. The company offered a wide range of solutions, from CMS management, to online marketing strategies and advanced hosting infrastructure on the earliest cloud based environments.

Over the years Today’s Internet has established long-term relationships with developers from around the globe. It is these same relationships that are the foundation for our rapid website development tools that are used to create beautiful modern looking responsive websites

Today's Internet is proud to introduce our newest service, Programmer Teams! A service that is dedicated to providing a pain free seamless environment that bridges the gap between developers and businesses. It was created to address the web development needs of businesses by supplying affordable skilled human resources, such as programmers, webmasters and mobile app developers.

Why Choose Today's Internet?

Our Fabulous Service

Our service is unmatched! Service is the reason Today's Internet has built an amazing referral base of clients, allowing to focus our budget on customer needs instead of advertising costs.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

The Internet has changed much over the years, so Today's Internet also has to stay on top of the challenges of the modern Internet.


At Today's Internet you get the most bang for your buck. By taking advantage of some of the newest and advanced technologies on the Internet, we can offer services at the fraction of the cost of many services

Data On The Cloud

Your website sits on the most advanced cloud system on the Internet, the industry leading Amazon Cloud (AWS). Amazon is the king of Cloud Computing, home to some of the biggest services on the Internet; NetFlix, Adobe, Pinterest, Yelp, Comcast, Samsung and many more.

To stay ahead of the curve, Today's Internet is also testing the second largest Cloud Computing provider, Google. Though there is no current plans to move our All-In-One clients to Google's platoform, but internal company websites and services are currently being tested on it!

Our Executive Team